Company Statement

The Maurice Ward group is a family owned organization.  The owners involved in the day to day management of the group.  Our private ownership structure allows us to focus on long term  strategic goals rather than concerning ourselves solely with the results of the next quarter.  Our mission  is to provide a credible alternative solution for the continent of Europe.  The European continent is the largest trading block in the world & possibly the most complicated to manage.  Much of the area is now encompassed by the EU, enabling free movement of goods, people & capital.

Currently, we operate 28 facilities in Europe.  Our global reach is provided by agents & partners all over the world.  Using local experts to cover the rest of the planet allows Maurice Ward to focus all our resources & talent into delivering best in class solutions to, from & within Europe.  Key to our continued success is our flat management structure & our single IT platform.  Rapid decision making is facilitated by empowered managers & a zero bureaucracy policy.  All our growth has been organic, with no acquisitions & no joint ventures.  This means we do not have to waste resources attempting to integrate systems or new organizations into the group.

We are a debt free, cash rich & profitable group.  Our debt free policy ensures we are working for our customers, not for our financial backers.  It enables us to make rapid investment decisions without the approval of a third party.  Furthermore,  we pay our suppliers in a timely manner so we buy better, allowing our customers to benefit from our Pan-European purchasing power.

We touch every area of the supply chain.  Air, Ocean & road freight services are complimented by full in-house customs support, Distribution centers, Spare parts banks, VMI warehousing & value add facilities.  We are obsessive about efficiency.  We continually analyse our clients supply chain to seek out & eliminate waste.  We continually look at our own systems & performance to drive cost down so we can deliver greater value for money to our customers.

As we move forward, we will open more facilities across the continent with the long term aim to have a serious presence in each country in Europe.  Our structure & systems allow us to provide seamless, reliable & consistent service levels across all countries.  We have over 1000 professionals specifically employed to service Europe.  We are contracted to some of the largest corporations in the world.  They leverage from our asset heavy footprint in Europe.

Over the past 40 years, our highly leveraged & asset light competitors have come & gone by buyout or closure.  When you contract to Maurice Ward, you know who you are dealing with today, tomorrow & long into the future.  If you are looking for world class logistics, forwarding & customs services, you have found a stable partner who will deliver innovative, value for money solutions now & long into the future.  The Maurice Ward group are the independent choice for Europe.  We are looking forward to helping you streamline your supply chain.


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