The Maurice Ward Group is a global logistics solutions provider serving many industry sectors



Electronics & Semiconductors

Oil & Gas


Art Handling


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Plastics & Packaging

White Goods

The company is one of the top suppliers of logistics, with a deep understanding of the trends & challenges within each industry. From this knowledge, we develop our technologies, logistics strategies and management software solutions in order to maximise value for each of our customers.

From SMEs up to Fortune 500  global corporations, The Maurice Ward Group serves many industries with its cutting edge supply chain solutions.

In today's competitive marketplace, all business units are looking for ways to maximise effectiveness, minimise capital expenditure and eliminate bottlenecks throughout their supply chain. Our logistics knowledge stretches across a wide range of industries to enable our clients to do just that.  The Maurice Ward Group provides comprehensive supply chain solutions to help you realise your business objectives, lower your costs and enhance the overall experience of your customer.

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