Medical & Pharmaceutical

Maurice Ward Group understands the cruciality of product quality and chain of supervision which are in the health care industry. We provide the processes and technology you require to ensure those processes. Through real-time track and trace capabilities, we provide product traceability through the entire supply chain.

Our responsibility is to equip you with the right medical products at the right time and Maurice Ward Group manage this with excellence for over 40 years, through optimalisation of orders and delivery operation which can decrease your operational cost and you still deliver the best service.

Maurice Ward Group synchronises your operation with demand and will keep logistics network optimised as the health care advancement and innovation intensify supply chain congestion raise.

Orders, tracking, deliveries and stocking medical products we will achieve with excellence and top up with time and manpower reduction by recognition and determination of inefficient processes, accelerating the flow of products and meet all delivery deadlines which are important to human health.

Maurice Ward Group JIT systems, network, logistics technologies, transport and warehousing facilities allows you to have the right quantities of product at the right time as well as to be competitive through delivery times, quality and costs. With full supply inventory control where at once you can track all activities from supplier to product delivery, monitor delivery status and easily resolve potential barrier and other inefficiencies.

We handle all medical modern, temperature sensitive, fragile laboratory, heavy and high tech devices with knowledge of professional, to the highest possible standard and hygiene regulations, where your device is always in hands of well trained expert who also fully takes care of all transport documentation and formalities.



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