Quality & Environment

The quality of our service & the impact we have on the environment really matter to the Maurice Ward Group.  The better our quality systems, the less impact we will have on the environment.  We organize the movement of goods.  Each transaction we perform has an environmental impact.  While we can marginally limit our carbon footprint by implementing simple internal controls such as eliminating unnecessary printing, we can seriously influence our carbon footprint by making your supply chain more efficient.  Innovative thinking is essential.

To emphasize this, by designing longer trailers & double deck capacity, we were able to reduce the Kilometers driven by a single client by 38%.  Simply redefining this part of the supply chain for one customer has saved 350,000 liters of diesel each year.  We have a responsibility to work together with our customers to implement supply chain solutions that help the planet & drive significant cost down for our customers.

Operating to ISO & TS quality standards helps to standardize our procedures so we can deliver consistent, reliable services to all our stakeholders.


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