We are focused on injection molding

We manufacture plastic parts according to your specifications

Since 2002, we have been producing plastic moldings for automotive and other industrial sectors by injection molding. Our precise machines and years of know-how enable us to mold plastic products from a few grams of weight up to several kilograms. We produce serial products in large but also smaller volumes. At the center of our interest are you, our customers. Our intent is to supply you exact plastic products according to your specifications.


of plastic parts

We manufacture plastic parts not
only for automotive and electrotechnical industries, but also for construction
and other industries.


Injection molding

Thanks to molding and injection
molding technologies, we can
handle very demanding orders.


Plastic molding is complemented by other services that are constantly upgraded and adapted to the current needs of our customers


More than 200 000 sqm
capacity in our warehouses
in Europe.


Providing simple assembly and
assembly of plastic products.
We can help you with the gluing
of plastic parts.

Mold production

Providing molds production
for injection molding. Molds
are made in Czech Republic.

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