ULMS™ - Ultimate Logistics Management System

The Maurice Ward group has developed a best in class proprietary WMS.  Our In-house programmers & systems analysts execute integration rapidly to deliver a seamless interface to your MRP system

System highlights:

  • Fully scalable Java platform
  • Essential tool for managing your warehouse operations effectively -  Pipeline, receipt, stock-in, move, picking, shipment, truck-loading, inventory, Delivery & POD
  • Offers client & vendors access to real-time on line information
  • Through our online scan system for Bar/2D code and internal or vendor code
  • EDI compatibility with Oracle, SAP and other globally used ERP/MRP systems
  • Ability to send automatic customized reports requested by customer & Vendors
  • IQC protection (function for incoming quality control material), Damage, Reject protection
  • FIFO/LIFO shipment system
  • Completely Internet-based
  • Multi-user system allows you to give access to as many users as you want
  • Multi-facility.  Allows complete visibility on a single platform across multiple DCs, hubs & cross docks.
  • Multilingual: available in all languages
  • Scalable: adaptable and designed to meet the demands of ever-changing market
  • Compatible: ULMS™ is compatible with almost all legacy systems



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