Introducing our new office
in Croatia, Zagreb

August 4, 2021

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Martin Leljak as the Operation Manager for our newly opened office in Croatia, Zagreb. The added location will strengthen Maurice Ward Group’s footprint and offer a dedicated local team for our clients and partners in order to provide better services, expand our scope, and enable new projects.

International transport corridor

Situated in the heart of Europe, only two or three-hours flight distance to any European destination, Croatia, with its highly developed road and railway network, and the network of seaports, inland ports and airports, as well as inland waterways and intermodal terminals, represents the central link between Europe and the world. The network of modern motorways, placing Croatia together with leading European countries, provides a possibility of fast and uninterrupted travel. All of this makes Croatia an ideal transport and communication intermediary, not only among countries in the region, but between the Mediterranean and the rest of the world.

Our Croatian team

Mr. Martin Leljak
Martin Leljak
Operation Manager

Martin Leljak was born and raised in Zagreb and finished the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at Zagreb University, Air Traffic Engineering department. After graduating he worked for around 2 years in project and engineering, and then switched to forwarding business where he has stayed for more than 16 years. Martin knows like no other how crucial adaptability and flexibility are in order to make the supply chain flow continuously.

“Maurice Ward Croatia officially opened on 06.04.2021 and the office is located at Zagreb airport, right beside the air cargo terminal. Our office in Zagreb will be focused on Air, Sea and Land transport services as well as on requests for Warehousing, Storage and Customs Clearance. We also offer any type of special cargo transport, among others DG goods, pharma goods, live animal transport, wide load truck transports, etc. Our team also has the needed knowledge in services related to reloading goods from truck to CNT, special cranes for loading overweight cargo, etc. We are looking forward to any new challenges ahead!” said Martin.

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Operation Manager Martin, who has worked hard over the past months to get the Zagreb office up and running. How to contact Martin and the Croatian team? Click here.

Did you know?

The first ever ‘cargo only’ flight was recorded in November 1910 in the USA, using a Wright Model B aeroplane that flew 65 miles carrying a package of silk. The business owner used the pioneering transport more as a PR stunt to celebrate the opening of his store, with the bundle of silk cut into individual pieces and glued onto souvenir postcards.

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