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November 23, 2020

The New Silk Road, the largest infrastructure project ever, provides an excellent connection between Europe and China, creating various logistics opportunities for your supply chain. Rail transport to and from China is gaining more popularity and that of course has various reasons. The transport times, for example, are considerably shorter than sea freight. Moreover, the goods from China reach Europe after an average of 18 days and the costs are also lower in comparison with air freight. Also, in order to avoid various logistical issues, transport by train is the ideal solution when transporting goods to and from China.

In Europe, Maurice Ward Group has 40+ owned offices in 25+ European countries and that alongside with bonded and non-bonded warehouses. With a presence in almost every European country, we can easily arrange the entire transport process for you. An additional advantage is that we are in direct contact with the operators along various routes. This not only allows us to switch quickly, but also to scale up the capacity. In our control tower, we also give 24/7 support on the entire route.

Direct console rail service from Xian, Northwest China to Maurice Ward Czech Republic

We see knowledge of the local market in China as a precondition for optimal service. Thanks to our broad network of agents, we are familiar with the local state of affairs and able to provide a regular, safe service, with respect to transit time and giving you the possibility of tracking. We offer a complete package of logistics services for before, after and during the route so that you do not have to worry about anything. This ensures that we can avoid extreme delays, but that we can also guarantee a door-to-door service by train between Europe and China, and vice versa. We basically control the freight up to Maurice Ward’s fully owned warehouse in Štěnovicethe hub for all consol boxes. In our services the customs brokerage and insurance are also included. We give our customers a Total Supply Chain experience! 

Apart from this regular and already existing service, we intend to open another direct rail console connection to the Czech Republic. Hereby providing the solution for South China area. This service should be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

Maurice Ward Czech Republic, direct LCL

We run our direct LCL console boxes for many years now, providing a complete China main port coverage. At Maurice Ward Group we have boxes from Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong and Qingdao. In the meantime, we also plan to open new boxes this year, intended are Xiamen China and new continent coverage, Chennai – the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  

We are here to ensure a secure, traceable, reliable and cost-effective solutions! 

Curious about the possibilities? Let’s talk together about intelligent logistics management for your company. Your shipment is in good hands with us 

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