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June 3, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 over the past months continues to affect us all. Even as progress is made and offices are reopened in some countries, colleagues in other parts of the world are asked to work from home, reminding us that this is an ever-changing global issue that we all need to address and overcome together.

At Maurice Ward Group (MWG) our people work hard to supply essential goods around the world during this critical time. Over the past months, we have been amazed at the dedication our teams have shown to inform our partners and customers and ensure that our operations run as smoothly as possible. While we were pleasantly surprised, we were not shocked because we have seen our teams work together and deliver to many of our customers in many difficult situations. At the end of the day it is the people who are the key to finding solutions to these new challenges. Putting people first has always been a core value at Maurice Ward Group, whether it is our employees, partners, customers or our communities. With that idea guiding our decisions, we wanted to inform you of the steps we are taking to serve all those people.

Giving back

We were committed in playing a role in helping the global response to COVID-19. As such, for example our team in Plzeň, Czech Republic, in the cooperation with our partner PILSCO s.r.o. and other volunteers, created a COVID-19 relief team and they supported the emergency services in Plzeň by donating masks KN95, protective clothing and glasses, free trucking and thousands of litres of disinfectant. Our 30 volunteer seamstresses made masks from our provided materials. This way we were able to distribute about 15,000 pieces to hospitals, emergency services and other medical institutes.

MWG Technical teams put our 3D printing machines to work making shields for the firemen. Moreover, we also bought 70,000 KN95 Respirators and donated them to hospitals and medical professionals in Czech Republic, Ireland and Sweden. Our company also bought 10 sets of respiratory ventilators and oxygen generation sets. These were donated to various facilities in Europe with 5 sets going to www.crosscause.ie. These machines will be deployed in Romania and West Africa to give essential health care to those who simply do not have access to health care.

Our support – both large and small – is mainly focused on the real need and where our own Maurice Ward Group teams are close and able to support. We will hereby continue using our resources to address the urgent needs of those working to combat the threat and impact of COVID-19.

Focus on our customers and partners

As the demand for remote work increases, we see teams being creative about how to quickly support clients around the world who are changing their work practices and prioritizing clients who are at the forefront of dealing with the coronavirus situation.

In challenging times like this, it helps to remember that we all want the same thing: we want to keep the people we care about healthy, we want to reduce the impact of the virus, we want the treatments to be developed, and life to become as before again. That shared sense of hope and purpose can encourage each of us during this difficult time and help us meet the challenges we face. We want to thank every person at Maurice Ward Group for everything they do to help not only our company, but also the customers who rely on us and our communities.

Stay strong. Together we will get through this crisis and keep the world connected!

Did you know?

The first ever ‘cargo only’ flight was recorded in November 1910 in the USA, using a Wright Model B aeroplane that flew 65 miles carrying a package of silk. The business owner used the pioneering transport more as a PR stunt to celebrate the opening of his store, with the bundle of silk cut into individual pieces and glued onto souvenir postcards.

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